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Disability Benefits

There are numerous federal disability programs for individuals. Many of these programs depend on the type of work the individual performed or whether the individual is a veteran.  We represent individuals with the following types of claims at all stages of the claims process, from initial application to federal court.  Please call us to discuss your options if you are thinking of filing a claim, have a claim pending, or your claim was denied.

Social Security Disability

Social Security benefits are available for disabled workers and also as a need-based program for disabled adults and children.   You might be eligible for benefits if you are unable to work due to a physical or mental condition.  Your child might be eligible for benefits if he or she has a severe medical problem.  We handle the following types of claims.

  • Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits (“SSDIB”)
  • Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”), Adult and Children
  • Disabled Adult Child
  • Disabled Widow’s Benefits

Railroad Retirement Disability and Survivor Benefits

Railroad disability claims are for disabled railroad workers.  The burden of proof and procedures for a Railroad claim are similar to a Social Security claim. We handle the following claims.

  • Disability and Survivor benefits

Veteran’s Benefits

If you received a Rating Decision, Statement of the Case, or BVA Decision that fails to find you eligible for benefits, or does not rate you properly, please call us to discuss your options.  We handle the following types of VA claims.

  • Service connected compensation claims
  • Non-service connected pension
  • Unemployability
  • Surviving Spouse and Children benefits