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18 Wheeler Accident

If you or a family member are unfortunate enough to be involved in an 18-wheeler or big truck accident in Monroeville, Alabama, or in southwest Alabama, there are many things you must do to make sure you are made right.

The injuries associated with 18-wheeler or big truck accidents are usually very severe. It might take surgeries, therapy, and rehab before you completely heal. The medical expenses can be very high. You will probably miss many days of work and your income will decrease. Your life will not resemble your life prior to the accident.

The trucking company’s insurance will offer a quick settlement that might seem like a lot of money. It’s not. Once you consider all of your doctor bills, ambulance rides, hospital bills, and wages lost, you realize that your case is worth much more than you are being offered.

What should you do? Obviously, I’m going to recommend that you call an attorney located in Monroeville, Alabama. Why? If you hire a local personal injury lawyer, the trucking company knows it can’t get away with injuring you. Lost in all the mounds of documents and evidence is usually that one thing that causes the trucking company or insurance company to sit up and take you seriously. A good attorney will find that evidence.

You never asked to be injured. Make sure everything is made right.