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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Social Security is reviewing my case years later

Social Security is reviewing my case years later.

If you are found disabled, the chances are pretty high that Social Security will review your case sometime down the road.  Social Security will usually write to inform you that they are reviewing your claim.  They will gather your medical records and probably send you out for an examination just like they did when you first applied.   Eventually Social Security will make a decision whether or not you are still disabled.

If Social Security decides you are still disabled, they will write you a letter stating so.  There is nothing else to do.  But remember, Social Security might review your case again in a few years.

If Social Security decides that your disability has improved to the point where you can work, there are deadlines that you must be aware of if you plan to appeal.  You have sixty days (60) to appeal the decision, but if you want your benefits to continue during the appeal process you must appeal within ten days (10) of the notice.  Remember that if you continue your benefits during the appeal and you ultimately lose, Social Security can request that you pay back the money you received during the appeal.

If you appeal the decision, you can request an informal hearing.  This hearing usually takes place at the local Social Security Office.  It is very informal.  The Decision Officer will ask you a series of questions and will allow you to tell them any information that is pertinent to the case.  These hearings usually last around thirty minutes (30).

The Decision Officer will make a decision and send you a copy of it.  You will continue receiving your benefits if you are found disabled. If you are found not to be disabled, you will have to appeal the decision for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.  Once again, you must appeal the decision within sixty days (60).

If you are receiving Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplemental Security Income and have received a letter from Social Security that they are going to review your case, you should contact an attorney to help you.