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Monthly Archives: October 2013

B-2 Visa

What is a B-2 visa?

A B-2 visa is a mechanism for someone to visit the United States for purposes such as tourism, vacations, visit relatives and/or friends, medical treatment, etc. A B-2 is not for employment. To obtain a B-2 an application must be completed with the State Department. An interview might be required at the U.S. embassy or consulate in the country where the applicant lives. The consulate is looking for information that establishes that the applicant will not stay in the U.S. past their authorized stay. The consulate will consider such issues as

1. Does the applicant have strong ties to their country of residence? If so, it helps show that the applicant is likely to return home.
2. Are the applicant’s reasons for traveling to the U.S. legitimate activities relating to business or pleasure?
3. Does the applicant intends to enter the United States for a set period of time? The more specific, the better.
4. Are the applicant’s plans specific and realistic?
5. Does the applicant have adequate funds to avoid unlawful employment while in the U.S. Can the applicant afford their stay?
6. Is the period of time in the U.S. consistent with purpose of stay?